Adobe Flash Bids Farewell? New Product Aims To Change User Experience

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Adobe Flash is finally saying farewell to Flash. Adobe is now renaming its web platform from Adobe Flash Professional CC to Animate CC.

According to CNET, Adobe in a statement announcing the change has said ?it?s part of an ongoing commitment to evolve to support multiple standards specifically HTML 5.? Adobe seems to acknowledge the inevitability of HTML5 world.?Adobe Animate which debuts early next year will introduce features like new vector art brushes, easy access to high quality stock art, and the ability to rotate the canvas 360 degrees from any pivot point. The new Adobe Animate will have a greater emphasis on HTML5 and reduced emphasis on Flash. The company hasn?t exactly announced when Adobe Animate CC arrives.?Various report seem to suggest this as end of Flash.

GhacksNet has reported?the Adobe webpage that allowed downloads of Flash player has stopped working which says ?sorry Adobe no links, you know why..?. The webpage says that Adobe will shut down the page on January 22, 2016.

Flash has been the top reason for security and performance problems besides draining the battery of laptops. Apple bars the plug-in to work with its Safari web browser which is widely used on iOs devices. Google announced? in August it no longer will automatically play advertisements made with Flash in its Chrome browser. Facebook Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos demanded a deadline for the extermination of Flash.

Adobe Flash which became popular in 1990s with its use to introduce interactivity in the web pages including gaming and media streaming has fallen out favour with tech companies. The browser makers and programmers worked hard to improve the core web technologies of HTML, CSS and JavaScript over the years to wean the web away from flash.

Flash isn?t going away so soon. According to report by Wired, an Adobe rep said, ?There continues to be a huge amount of Flash content out there, especially video and gaming content, and we plan to do all we can to keep Flash Player stable and secure because it is the responsible thing to do.?


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