Adidas Will Let You Customize Your Shoes with Instagram Apps

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The world is all about selfies these days and if you ever wanted a selfie on your shoes, Adidas might just have the perfect solution for you. Adidas is going to release a new app this fall that allows you to supplement the design of your shoes by using one of your Instagram pictures. In short, you could put in your selfies from Instragram straight to your shoes! Of course, they don?t necessarily have to be about selfies. Any image will do fine especially if you?re looking for that cool pattern or image you found somewhere that you absolutely love.

The shoes in question are the ZX Flux model shoes. The shoes don?t have anything high tech about them but the great thing about it is the Photo Print App that Adidas plans to release for Android and iOS in August of this year that will let these shose be customizable. By using the app, potential shoe buyers will be able to imprint the tops of their shoes with (theoretically) any picture they could possibly want. Of course, there could be some things that Adidas will not allow in terms of images, but we won?t know that for sure until the app gets released and people start customizing their ZX Flux shoes.

In an Instagram post from Adidas, they are hyping the idea that lets you print your photos on to the shoes. The post read: ?ARE YOU READY? Take the?#zxflux?to the next level with the ultra innovative photo print app from #miadidas. Print your favourite photos straight on to one of 2014?s hottest silhouettes and make a statement on your sneakers like never before. Rolling out on iPhone and Android from August 2014. The possibilities are limitless.?

Aside from that announcement, Adidas hasn?t provided any more news on that so there are still no technical details on how the app itself might work. The whole process of purchasing to printing of the image is also still unknown. The assumption right now would be that the app will allow you to order the shoes online for shipping, kind of like how the current ?mi adidas? setup works wherein you can customize your shoes? colors to however you want them and it should take the company around 3 to 4 weeks to make and deliver.

In terms of costs, that is also still up in the air. The current price of the shoes retails for around $85 to $90 but there is no news as to whether the customization of the shoes will increase the price as well.

The customization is very innovative and could be game changing for Adidas as everybody can wear the same shoes, but with different styles making the shoes totally unique to the user.

Photo Source: Adidas Instagram

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