Adidas Biodegradable Sneakers: Saving Mother Earth One Step at a Time

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Adidas Biodegradable Sneakers

Adidas puts two cents into caring for the environment with its?new line of Adidas biodegradable sneakers made from Biosteel fiber. If you?re still not familiar with the material used to make this innovation, think of spider silk.

Adidas Biodegradable Sneakers is basically designed to replicate the same proteins that spiders use to make their web incredibly strong. ?

Aside from being extremely durable and one-hundred percent biodegradable, the Biosteel used for the upper portion of the Future craft Biofabric sneakers is also 15 percent lighter than comparable synthetic fibers.

As a result, the sneakers is not just about being eco-friendly; Adidas has managed to create a design that helps the performance of the footwear for athletes.

Details and Release Date

The general design of the trainers is in accordance to the beige Biosteel yarn. This?has a white, textured sole at?the bottom part. The porous structure gives way for its breathability, which should make for a good running shoe design. ?

Adidas Biodegradable Sneakers

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For now, it?s merely a prototype model under the Adidas Futurecraft program. The release date has not yet been publicized, alongside the pricing for these shoes. According to TechCrunch, however, the sneakers will be available at some point in 2017.

Adidas Futurecraft Biofabric shoe

In a press release, Adidas CEO and Vice President of Strategy and Creation, James Carnes said: ?In a year of ground-breaking innovations from Adidas, the announcement of our partnership with AMSilk?and the unveiling of the Adidas Futurecraft Biofabric shoe?is another step in our commitment to redefining the sports industry.?

James Carnes also said that the concept is all about ?premium innovation.? He believes that by using?Biosteel fiber in their products, they have achieved an unrivaled level of sustainability.

?We are moving beyond closed loop and into an infinite loop ? or even no loop at all. This is a pioneering stride forward beyond sustainability into a new territory of bionic innovation,? he says.

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This isn?t Adidas? first take on making the?world a better place. In June 2015, the company?teamed up with ocean protection organization?Parley for the Oceans at the United Nations in New York.?They produced a limited edition Adidas x Parley kicks. These sneakers were made from plastic waste recovered from the ocean.

So when you?re planning to throw away these kicks, you?ll be doing the environment a huge favour. Brownie points for you.

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