Adele’s “Hello” Lyrics Moves Stars To Tears! Watch Here

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Adele?s new album has been much anticipated and when she announced Friday that her first single and video off her ?25? album was out, the internet was flooded with feels.

The sepia-tinted music video for ?Hello? starts with a shot of a window pane and with the 27-year old singer talking on an antiquated flip phone. A close-up shot of her comes on and she opens her eyes, giving a piercing gaze to the camera at the first strains of the piano. This particular scene garnered a reaction from Sam Smith, who posted a screenshot and said it ?made me scream like a little girl.?

?When I heard the song I saw a story right away, just this idea of taking the phone and calling your past,” said Xavier Dolan, the French-Canadian filmmaker (with a Cannes Jury Prize to his name) who directed the video in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

Dramatic, heartfelt and powerful as always, Adele?s song coupled with Dolan?s artistic vision give listeners a full range of emotions in a matter of 6 minutes. Fans took to social media to express how excited they are to listen to the whole album and celebrities shared their thoughts (and tears). ?If there?s anything better than waking up to a new?@Adele?song, I don?t know what it is,? tweeted Ellen DeGeneres. Katy Perry posted a photo of a tear-stained pillow and Kate Hudson posted a selfie of her in tears with the caption ?When?@adele?puts out a new single… She’s done it again! #Hello?#25?#SheHadMeAtHello.? Tony-award winning actress Kristin Chenoweth tweeted ?#finally #Adele so excited!? while young actress Chloe Grace-Moretz said ?My god, I need?@Adele‘s new album to be out already, so in love.? Glee star Kevin McHale declared Friday was Adele Day, saying ?Just everyone stop for today. Let?@Adele?just have this one. She automatically wins Friday. Therefore, we ALL win Friday.?

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