Adele To Tour Australia; Is Australia Ready to Say Hello, Adele?

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Australia?s pretty hyped after a 30-second on-screen cryptic ad opened up a possibility for Adele to set up a tour in the country. ?

Adele surprised her Aussie fans in a cryptic TV ad featuring only her closed eyes which eventually opens simultaneous to the first line of her famous song ?Hello.? What makes it extra exciting is the fact that this is by far the closest thing that the Aussies can get from Adele touring in Australia.

Adele To Tour Australia??Adele's Australian Tour

About The Cryptic TV Ad

Adele?s Aussie fans is going crazy over her surprise appearance, as the superstar had never toured in the Australian Shores. And though the 30-second TV ad wasn?t really an advertisement of Adele?s Australian Tour, it was just enough to keep her fans? hopes up.

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But Adele?s Cryptic TV Ad isn?t the only thing that?s leading the Aussies on. Last July, Adele revealed during a gig in Minnesota that she is looking forward to tour in Australia, saying, ?I?m planning an Australian Tour now.?

With all of these hints going on, we can?t really keep Adele?s fans from expecting a tour. But, if it does push through (come on, Adele, don?t be such a lead on!) fans may expect the tour to occur some time in 2017.

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Adele?s Upcoming Tour

On the other hand, Phoenix, Arizona is sure to expect the 28-year-old Brit on November 21; leaving the superstar with only three dates left on her Adele Live 2016 tour. After that, Australia may just have a slot on her planner. ?

So stay tuned in The Bitbag for more updates regarding Adele’s Australian Tour!

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