Adele Throws Soft Jab at Super Bowl Halftime Show Performers

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It looks like Adele has just thrown a soft jab at the past Super Bowl halftime show performers. The ?Hello? singer revealed in Los Angeles on Saturday, August 13, that she turned down the 2017 Super Bowl gig because the show isn?t about music. Is she implying previous Super Bowl performances weren?t a showcase of musicality given the time, talent and effort A-list artists poured into them?

In 2015, Katy Perry rocked the event in Arizona. The show had also seen Beyonc? breaking the internet, Bruno Mars wearing gigantic chains, Coldplay as stars of comedy and more. ?

And of course, we have seen the biggest music legends perform which include the likes of Michael Jackson, Prince, Paul McCartney, Madonna and several others. Prince’s performance in 2007 was a turning point for the Super Bowl. He sang with four electric guitars amid a subtropical downpour and the show was amazing. McCartney, on the other hand, nailed a remarkable performance with his piano for his rendition of the Wings’ Bond theme, “Live and Let Die.”

Since the month of August came in, reports circulated that the National Football League (NFL) wanted Adele for next year’s halftime presentation. An NFL source supposedly revealed that the organizers were doing everything in their power to get the British singer in the show. They believe there is no bigger thing in the world right now but Adele. But then, she declined the offer to sign up.

Despite the organizers being very kind, which Adele has admitted, she clarified that she is not going to be part of the Super Bowl. Aside from her opinion that the show it not actually about music, Adele said she can?t dance so she replied a ?No.?

Though it was sad news for all Adele fans, the singer provided a ray of hope. She said she might join the Super Bowl next time. Adele also revealed that she is going to release a dance album but gave no further details about when it will happen. But when her dance album comes out, she said she might do it then.

The reclusive singer also described all rumors about her pregnancy as stupid. While caressing her tummy, she said she is definitely not carrying a child. Instead, she is having a cheese baby.

In October 2015, Adele released her hit song “Hello.” Currently, she is busy with her sold-out world tour. Her third studio effort ?25? was No. 1 on the Billboard 200 for 10 weeks.

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