Adele Previews New Song ?When We Were Young? ? Listen Here

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Unless you?ve been living under a rock, Adele?s back and has been blowing people away with her first single ?Hello?, which has already topped the?Billboard Hot 100?and has the record for the first song ever to sell at least 1 million downloads in a week.

The 27-year old British chanteuse explained in an interview with i-D that the song is ?about wanting to be at home and wanting to reach out to everyone I?ve ever hurt ? including myself ? and apologise for it.?

She recently performed the song at the NRJ Awards and even shared some rare backstage snaps on Instagram. Her much-anticipated album ?25? is (finally) dropping this Saturday, which the singer made sure to be a departure from her previous album ?21.?

?I was very conscious not to make?21?again. I definitely wasn?t going to write a heartbreak record ?cause I?m not heartbroken, but I probably won?t be able to better the one I did, so what?s the point? Bit clich?, innit?,? she said.

?My last record was a break-up record,? Adele wrote back in October in a letter posted on?social media, ?and if I had to label this one, I would call it a make-up record. I?m making up with myself. Making up for lost time. Making up for everything I ever did and never did.?

So we know this isn?t another heartbreak album but there?s still much we don?t know about the other tracks ? until now.

Adele will be guesting on?60 Minutes Australia?on Sunday, November 22, and the clip shows the singer performing a live version of ?When We Were Young?, another poignant song that will surely move all her fans, celebrities and common folk alike, to tears.

Adele has also appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone more recently, on the new Observer Music issue, which she guest edited.

Are you excited to hear the rest of Adele?s new album? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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