Address sleeplessness and anxiety the delicious way in the form of grown-up lollipops!

Your favorite childhood treat is now back with awesome benefits for sleep and relaxation

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Some of the most common problems of countless adults in the world today are anxiety, insomnia, and excessive stress, among others. While there are countless solutions designed to help you deal with these issues, there’s actually a delicious and exciting way you can calm your anxious thoughts and get the restful sleep you wanted.

The best part of it? It comes in the form of your favorite childhood treat – lollipops! That’s right. These CBD lollipops from Black Dahlia are here and ready to be part of your daily must-haves!

What is Black Dahlia’s CBD Lollipops all about

Black Dahlia’s CBD Lollipops are sugar-free, CBD-infused lollipops that can help you relax and fall asleep faster than you used to. It’s perfect for when you’ve had a long tiring day, or you’re overwhelmed with anxiety that you simply need a break and enjoy a relaxing night in. They’re a sweet treat that offers the same benefits you get from CBD gummies and are perfect for using on the go.

What are these lollipops made of?

Black Dahlia’s CBD Lollipops may be delicious and tasty but they are guaranteed to be made of 100% natural ingredients. They are sugar-free, formulated with rich CBD hemp oil, vegan, gluten-free, alcohol-free and come with 5 exciting flavors!

Flavor Notes – Cooling melon, refreshing, subtle fruit, slightly floral
Mood – Bright lights, Tokyo dreams

Prickly Pear
Flavor Notes – Intense, juicy red fruit, floral, lightly acidic
Mood – Dreamy, mellow nights in Joshua Tree

Sweet Woodruff
Flavor Notes – classic cola, licorice, slightly herbal, honey-sweet
Mood – Carefree nights in Berlin

Flavor Notes – Ripe citrus, grapefruit, slightly sweet, tart
Mood – Sun-drenched, peaceful days on the coast of Mexico

Flavor Notes – Kaffir lime, lemon verbena, sweet citrus, floral, lightly acidic
Mood – Unexpected adventures in the sultry Mediterranean

And because these amazing lollipops are CBD-infused, you can also enjoy other wellness benefits they offer including relief from pain, reduced inflammation and increased relaxation. They’re a sweet, tasty treat you surely won’t want to miss.

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