Add a personal touch to your wall with these decorative pieces

Wall decors for every aesthetic!

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Check out these wall decor pieces from Bed Bath & Beyond:

  • Judit Mirror
  • Antique Gear Wall Clock
  • FirsTime & Co. Winona Farmhouse Barn Door Cabinet Mirror
  • Trigg Wall Planters
  • Star Wars LED Death Star Wall Decor
  • Have a Beautiful Day Metal Wall Art
  • Glow In The Dark Wall Stickers
  • Butterfly Mirror Stickers

Your house should feel like a home, and there’s no better way to do this than by adding a personal touch even to the slightest details. Everything you add to the interior of your personal space is a reflection of who you are. So if you’re all set with the furniture, it’s time to glam up those walls! These pieces will not only beautify your home but also tell a little more about you.

Judit Mirror

The Judit Mirror from Baxton Studio adds glamor, depth, and texture to any space with its striking design and dramatic finish. Made from wood and glass, this beveled mirror with a gorgeous beaded frame is also durable. It weighs 18.96 lbs and measures 1.25 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 35 inches tall. Basically, it’s the modern version of the magic mirror on the wall–a perfect decorative piece for the fairest of them all!

Antique Gear Wall Clock

This Antique Gear Wall Clock from Sterling & Noble is a great addition to any man cave. Its vintage charm and industrial style combined with functionality make it a bold wall accent while keeping the decorative pieces to a minimum. It is generously sized and handsomely crafted with an antique metal-looking frame, gear center, and hands in quartz movement, surrounded by Roman Numerals.

FirsTime & Co. Winona Farmhouse Barn Door Cabinet Mirror

Speaking of functional wall decors, check out the FirsTime & Co. Winona Farmhouse Barn Door Cabinet Mirror! It adds a rustic vibe to any room with its white wood finish and classic barn doors enclosure complete with rollers. Plus, this cabinet has three shelves that you can use for storage or displays.

Trigg Wall Planters

If you’re more into chic modern style, display your favorite plants in these Trigg Wall Planters by Umbra! They come in a set of two and feature a unique geometric shape with a stylish ceramic vessel and brass metal frame. These hanging planters are great for succulents and other small plants to create an adorable indoor garden on your wall!

Star Wars LED Death Star Wall Decor

The Lambs & Ivy Star Wars LED Death Star Wall Decor is perfect for Star Wars fans of all ages! Kids and kids at heart will enjoy illuminating their bedroom with this wall-mounted night light. It has multiple light openings, plus a TIE Fighter that hangs below this dimensional space station to switch it on or off.

Have a Beautiful Day Metal Wall Art

Add an inspirational touch to your boring walls with the Have a Beautiful Day Metal Wall Art! This piece will keep you in a good mood every time you pass by it. It features a gorgeous vintage design with warm sentiments spelled out in elegant lettering, topped off with a hand-painted dramatic finish.

Glow in the Dark Wall Stickers

These Glow in the Dark Wall Stickers let you sleep under the stars in the comfort of your own bedroom. This 3-dimensional decor comes with a constellation guide that consists of the 8 most common star constellations, giving a cool educational experience for your kids. They are easy to stick, remove, and recharge–just expose them to any light source for at least a minute!

Butterfly Mirror Stickers

Give any room a whimsical vibe with the Butterfly Mirror Stickers from RoomMates! These 3D butterflies come in different sizes and are made with mirror cut-outs that capture and reflect light. They’re also very easy to apply. Just remove the protective film from the adhesive and start sticking them onto your wall in any form or direction you like!