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?Adblocker? Exposed: 198-Million People Now Using Adblockers, Who Wins Or Lose? The Answer Will Surprise You!

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Do you think ads popping nonstop when you?re browsing the internet is bothersome? If yes, then you and 198-million other people think so ? and they just registered the services of an adblocker.

A new report published by international startup company PageFair and Adobe has revealed that around 200 million users are using adblocking extensions that block ads in websites. What makes it alarming for PageFair and Adobe is that it has increased to 41% in just a year.

Poland has the largest penetration in terms of using ad blocking software, while America only has around 15%, but despite having a low penetration rate, America has the largest monthly active users with around 43 million. UK has the highest increased rate for adblock usage, it has revealed that there was an increase by 82%, compared in America where it increased by 48%.

The use of adblocking tools has dramatically increased, especially with the release of iOS and Android versions for the smartphones. A lot of people are not happy with the excessive amount of ads popping out when they browse on the net or even when watching videos, which can lessen the satisfaction of the user experience for the viewers. Makes sense right?

Well here?s why we think the whole adblocking services could go wrong:


Adblocking gone wrong

If you try to sum it all up, the total number of people who avail of adblockers is around 5 percent of the total world population, though it may still seem small, the amount of money lost by the publishers are at $21.8 billion. Yep that?s a lot of money.

Unfortunately regardless if the audience will like the ads or not, ads are essential to developers and website publishers as this is where they earn money that helps them run their websites or apps.

With the rampant use of adblockers, this also depletes the revenue that these publishers could earn, that may result in cost cutting to their resources that could lead to a lower quality of services or worst; closure of the entire service.

Adblocking is a two-edged sword, it may have benefits to internet users in bringing a better experience, but in return it affects the publishers who are spending more on their resources to provide greater quality content or service and they use ads to shoulder the expenses.

So next time you feel annoyed with ads popping up while you surf, just imagine this: You now have to pay to enjoy Facebook and Twitter. Exactly!

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