Adam Driver SNL Debut (Watch)–Is He Trying To Avoid The Kylo Ren Stereotype?

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?Star Wars? actor Adam Driver made his SNL debut during the show?s first episode for 2016 and it immediately received positive reviews. But, as he portrays a different role after the space epic, does this mean that he is really trying to avoid the ?Kylo Ren? stereotype?

I think Driver may be spoofing Kylo Ren to avoid being trapped in the image of his Star Wars character. The movie is so popular breaking box office records that Kylo Ren, in fact, is now more popular than Adam Driver. Making fun of his ?alter-ego? may be a good way to distance the actor from his character.

Driver?s fears are not unfounded. I can think of other actors who got stereotyped by their characters like what happened to Christopher Reeves as ?Superman?, James Earl Jones as a kingly character, and Morgan Freeman?s wiseman roles in most of his films. But, I also think that Adam Driver is talented enough to make each of the characters he will be portraying different from one another.

When Driver hosted ?Saturday Night Live?, he reprises his ?Star Wars? villain role in a skit entitled ?Star Wars Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base.? According to ET Online, the actor did it hilariously as ?Kylo? goes undercover as a blonde radar technician named Matt. The disguise was intended for him to know what his employees and a team of Stormtroopers think about Kylo Ren.

?Matt? asked questions like, ?Do you guys believe when he says that he?s gonna finish what Darth Vader started?? Lt. Colonel Zach answered that he thinks Kylo is ?trying to do something that?s never been done in the history of the galaxy.?

After several of exchanges, things got a little riled up when the technician asked if he has seen Kylo Ren?s lightsaber. A worker then replied, ?Yeah, man, that thing?s weird looking.? ?Matt? furiously responded that it is not weird, and in fact ?it?s awesome.? The skit ended with Matt?s realization that he has ?a new found respect for what [his] employees do. It?s not as easy as I presumed.?

Aside from the ?Undercover Ren? skit, E! News listed two more highlights of the SNL episode. The first one was when Driver and Vanessa Bayer played as a married couple who won Golden Globes and gave their shout-outs to their kids watching at home before proceeding to an after-party where they party just a little too much.

The second one is the duet between Driver and Cecile Strong of the song ?A Whole New World? wherein they showed their singing skills as ?Aladdin? and ?Jasmine?.

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