Activision Remains On Top With DJ Hero Leading The Way HipHopGamerShow 7/19/09

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1. Activision Guest Stars On The HipHopGamerShow
2. Game Developers Getting A Cut From Gamestop Soon
3. Modern Warfare 2 Exclusive Missions Coming To Xbox360?
4. Game Review – NCAA Football 10 (9 out of 10)
5. Enjoy The Show

NCAA 10 Giveaway For Xbox360 Here’s How To Win
1. In What Year Did Madden NFL Football Start?
2. What Rapper Got Discovered In A NBA Live Challenge By Jermaine Dupri?
3. How Many Rings It Took For Sonic The Hedgehog To Turn In To Super Sonic In The Game Sonic 2 On Sega Genesis When The Code Was Inputed?

The first person to get all these answers correct will win NCAA 10 For Xbox360
Send The Answers To My E:mail

All Of This Will Happen But Under One Condition. You Also Have To Submit The Point In Time During Today’s Show When
I Start Rapping And The Beat Stops For A Few Seconds.

Give Me All This Info And You’ll Win NCAA 10 For The Xbox360. Don’t Forget E:Mail

God Bless Everyone Enjoy The Show Sign Up To The Forums Also Sign Up To The New Youtube channel And Spread The Word.

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