Activision has just announced Skylanders Trap Team

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The latest game in the popular Skylanders franchise has been announced by Activision. The game is called Skylanders Trap Team. The game is scheduled for release on October 5, 2014. The really cool feature of this game is that it flips the franchise?s model by allowing its players to trap villains that they have defeated in the video game and allowing them to ?save? these villains as real world toys.

Eric Hirschberg, CEO of Activision Publishing mentioned: ?For the last three years, we?ve allowed players to bring their toys to life inside a video game, now we?re letting them bring their video games to life in the real world.?

Back in 2011, the Skylanders franchise debuted with a game changing model: They allowed kids to play the video games as one of a variety of cartoon monster characters, but only if they actually owned the ?interaction figure? of that character and placed in on the ?Portal of Power? accessory that was plugged into the game console. In short, if the player has the physical toy, then they can use that character in game.

This made for a two way success, having great sales in not only the video game front, but also for the action figures. It went so well that the Skylander games were rated as the fastest to reach the $2 billion mark for any third party video game.

The newest installment of Skylanders doesn?t deviate too far from its success formula which is to make their game kid friendly and humorous. The game has heroes that stomp, smash and shoot evil villains, but this time, there is another addition. A new accessory called the ?traptanium portal? as well as another feature. When players defeat a game boss villain, they can ?save? it to a crystal key that is plugged into the portal. Once saved, the players can then release the villain character back into the game and play the said character as a ?good? character at any time.

This ensures that a lot of new products are going to be available for players to buy ranging from new character toys as well as the trap portal to trap those really nice villains.

The new game will include more than 40 unique ?trappable? villains as well as 60 new playable Skylanders.

This is the game?s official launch trailer.

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