How to activate voice commands on Nexus 7

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If you’re one of the lucky people to use the Google Nexus 7 you’ll soon realize that this is what a tablet PC should be. All the Android updates are rolled out just as they are released and the UI feels smooth and smart. What’s more, the ton of bloatware you expect from any smartphone isn’t there since it’s just a phone running on a beautiful Android UI.

This means that most of the best features that Google’s rolled out is more accessible on the Nexus than any other tablet. With so many entry and mid-level tablets from Chinese companies all around, the Google Nexus 7 sets itself apart.

Although activating voice commands on Android tablets is technically a sure thing as long as the tablet runs licensed Google apps and the Google Play Store, the Nexus makes it much easier. In our opinion, using Google Now (the service that tries to combine your to-do, news, reminders, calendar, mail, maps and files intuitively) is much easier than Siri.

Why? Google Now doesn’t need to be set up. As long as you’ve logged into Google on your Nexus 7, it’s easy to know how to activate voice commands on Nexus 7:

1. Make sure you’ve logged in to your Google account. You can do so in the Settings app.

2. Place your finger on the Soft-touch Home Button on the bottom of the screen and swipe up. This opens ?Google Now.

3. If Google Now has been set up previously, it will simply show you what you’ve asked it to. If yo’re new to it, it will bring up some feeds, your maps and other information. You can customize it as well.

4. Now, say “Okay Google.” This brings up a screen with a search bar and a microphone. Essentially, you just have to say ‘Okay Google’ followed by a search term or a command for the tablet.


For example, you want to send an email to a contact named John Smith. You simply say “Okay Google, send email to John Smith.” Google then processes your voice commands and opens your email app and starts a new message with John Smith in the address field. You can try other commands such as “Okay Google, open Google Play Store.” to open apps.

Check out the command list on the Google website to know more about how to activate voice commands on Nexus 7.

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