Achieve ultimate relaxation and relieve stiff muscles without booking a spa appointment with this heated massage recliner chair

It offers 5 relaxing functions that’ll make you forget about going to the spa

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Coming home after a long, tiring day can make you think of one thing – relaxation. The next thing you know, you’re heading to the nearest spa to take away the stress of the day. But who says you always have to pay for hefty spa visits when you can achieve ultimate relaxation at home?


Esright Heated Massage Recliner Chair is all that you need to elevate home relaxation. Unlike other massage chairs, this recliner offers all the amazing features to take your nightcaps to the next level!


For ultimate comfort, this chair has soft and durable leather with a supportive back and padded armrest. Its massage functions are designed to alleviate pain and tension for 4 body zones and enhance blood circulation at the same time. 


And while this chair relieves your stiff and tired muscles, you can make the most of your lounging as it conveniently offers side pockets so you can have your remote control or magazines handy! Bet you won’t need anything else except a glass of wine perhaps, or a cup of tea in one hand, right?


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