Achieve Tony Stark’s Superhero Powers in an Instant Through Atheer Labs AR Glasses!

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We sure did keep our hopes up on the childhood superhero dreams of controlling images out of the screen just like Tony Stark in his lab and in his suit. With Atheer Labs AR glasses, there is no need for you to be enclosed in a shiny, stylish, full body metal outfit to have your own Jarvis and there is no need to have a laboratory to do all the tricks and wonders of technology. Atheer Labs summed it all up in one thing – ?smart glasses.

Atheer first showed their technology for the very first time at The Wall Street AllThingsD (All Things Digital) D11 conference last May 2013. The Calif based team of technologists revealed its wearable technology providing interactive, responsive and immersive experience and demonstrated on stage that through a swipe of hand and through a simple flick of a finger you can control images, launch applications, navigate through the screen without physically touching it.


Amazing examples shown by Atheer in the said conference as listed by AllThingsD:

1.)??? A virtual 3-D globe was rotated by moving the finger in the air. All the info is overlaid into the user?s field of vision, so he can still see what?s going on in the real world around him.

2.)??? Jets were flying off the page. By touching an ad for a grocery store, a bunch of fruit came popping off the page where you could slice them (a la Fruit Ninja style), and as a reward for engaging with the ad, a coupon appeared for a discount at the same store.

The challenge

The challenge, according to IndieGogo is its weight, which may give users headache. Atheer glasses weighs 100 grams (3.5 ounces) or more as developers explained that the weight distribution maintained was important.

Company founder Soulaiman Itani informed Engadget that the commercial picture glasses are not halfway there ?and just needs improvement only in size, fashion and power, but software-wise, it can hold ?its promises of an augmented reality picture.

With the continuous demands of the consumers for creativity and innovation, Atheer knows that wearable devices are the next big thing in technology. Itani even said that this ( Atheer Labs AR Glasses) is the “future”.

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