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Achieve perfect sleep by using these customizable pieces of mattress that adjust to your body’s needs

Spend less time cleaning it because of its unique modular design

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Other than struggling to fall asleep, one more problem most adults encounter is gruesome body pain that can last for an entire day. These issues may commonly arise from the wrong sleeping position and a not-so-friendly mattress.

If you’re one of these people, let me share one product that’ll free you from all these problems. Pull your old foams out! Grab Airweave’s New Mattress Advanced, and sleep like a royal!

Completing an 8-hour sleep is good. But it doesn’t get any better without a perfect mattress like Airweave Advanced. This product may look like your typical sleeping mattress at home, but it comes with unique components that make sleeping an exceptional experience for you. One of these features is a set of air fiber blocks customizable to the optimum firmness level for your body.

Airweave Mattress Advanced is more than just a sleeping cushion. What’s good about it is it comes with multiple soft plushy layers that keep the whole mattress from wearing. That means there’s no need to throw it entirely once one of its parts starts to decline. Not only that, but you also get to save money from having to buy a new mattress.

What components does it have inside?
  • Air fiber blocks with three firmness levels
  • A bottom cover
  • Inner cover with velcro top sheet
  • Two more top plushy layers
  • Overall top and bottom cover

Is it hard to clean?

One more reason why Airweave has several components is to assist you in maintaining it. All you need is to remove those covers and clean them part by part. Also, it’s lightweight, and it’s perfect for users who move frequently.

$2080 $2180

Get it here!