Top accent furniture for your living room that will make it Instagram-worthy

Turn your living room into a photographable haven.

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Turn your home into a paradise with Jamie Young Co:

  • Stylish, versatile, and long-lasting accent furniture
  • Give a relaxing ambiance and appealing look to the home
  • Complement with different wall colors and other furniture

Getting furniture for your home and arranging them are fulfilling activities to do whether you recently moved into a new place or simply want to give your home a new look. The most exciting part is choosing furniture that will match your preferences and the color of your walls. With so much beautiful furniture available everywhere, though, it can be difficult to decide. Jamie Young Co makes things easier with a variety of accent furniture that will make your home a great place to live in.

Among their most popular furniture are chairs, stools, and tables that are sure to complement any living area. Here are some of our favorites:

McCallan Metal Chair

Transform an area in your living room with the McCallan Metal Chair. This molded metal chair is handmade, sturdy, and well-designed so you can recreate the setup of your favorite restaurant in your living room and spread a positive dining ambiance to another area of your home.

What makes the McCallan Metal Chair unique is its acid-washed metal. It has four different variations that boast elegance in each chair. If you look closely, you’ll notice that none of the chairs have the same pattern or design because of the chemical reaction used to embellish the designs. 

Large Ottoman White Hide

Ottoman chairs are chic and cozy additions to any living room, and there’s no doubt that the Large Ottoman White Hide will complement your home decor and other furniture. Unlike other ottoman chairs, it’s versatile and made of leather with natural and white hide finishes. 

The sophisticated design incorporates naturally beautiful textures that are ideal for a rustic, modern, lodge, urban, or country setting. It also gives off a relaxing vibe and aesthetic appeal. Your visitors will surely feel more relaxed when you welcome them with chairs that provide comfort, too. The Large Ottoman White Hide is available in other colors: Grey Hide, Espresso Hide, Brown Leather, and Buff Leather. 

Wildflower Side Table

Since tables are some of the most necessary pieces of furniture, it is important to consider a stylish and long-lasting one in your home like the Wildflower Side Table. This patterned ceramic side table will add texture and color to any space.

The Wildflower Side Table is organic, handmade, and hand-fired, finished with a reactive glaze, resulting in classy furniture. You can match it with your wall color, sheets, or personal style as it is available in neutral and light colors. With its artistic design, this side table will make your living space look like a museum as well.

Aside from these accent furniture, Jamie Young Co also provides lamps, chandeliers, mirrors, wall decors, vases, and other decorative accents to beautify your home with.