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Abzu Release Date: Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Buy The Game

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Abzu for PS4 and PC is out now, and there are plenty of reasons players should buy this game. The underwater diving game is developed by Giant Squid Studio and designed by Matt Nava, who has worked on the two popular games Flower and Journey at thatgamecompany. Here are the top three reasons you should buy Abzu.


The newly launched game puts players in the role of a diver. The unnamed character explores the vast 3D sea life. The seascape is combined perfectly with beautiful creatures and eye-catching topography. Unlike many other roleplaying games, there are no weapons or dialogues available in this game. The story of the game continues to reveal new secrets as the player explores the sea.

In the vast ocean, players are free to move toward any direction they want. The game is designed in a way that helps players choose the right path and move forward.

Game Art

When it comes to designing visuals for a game?s setting, marine life obviously features great diversity. Nava, creative director of the studio, designed the visual elements of the game. He learned the skills at thatgamecompany and has delivered successful projects. Journey received the year?s Game Developers Choice Award. According to Nava, he used the skills he learned, and with the help of his small team, he worked on the design aspect of Abzu.

Abzu is a PLAY 2016 Title

Sony PlayStation Store has listed Abzu as a Play 2016 title. It means that the game is available for PS Plus members at a discount of 20 percent. Those who?ll buy Abzu with another Play 2016 title will get an additional 20 percent discount on the entire purchase.

Abzu is available at the standard price of US$19.99. PS Plus members who pre-order the game will get it for US$15.99 along with a static theme.

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