Aamir Khan Body Transformation For Dangal Aided By Steroids? Rumors Pour Before Release Date

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Aamir Khan Body Transformation

Aamir Khan body transformation from 213 pounds to a fit and fabulous six pack was not an easy task for the 51-year-old actor. The Bollywood superstar has been?making headlines for his upcoming wrestling movie ?Dangal.? Even though the actor has mentioned following a strict diet plan, transforming the body with only diet and a heavy workout is not enough to reach the goal in a short amount of time.

Recently, the superstar shared a video through Facebook to show his efforts on heavy weight exercises. Although the video was already viewed by more than 16 million fans, it has raised doubts about his considerable transformation.

Did Steroids help Aamir to reach his goal in no time?

Khan?is recognized for his realistic approach towards his character in numerous movies. Right from movies like ?Ghajini? and ?3 Idiots,? the actor seamlessly transformed his body according to his role. In the video itself, the actor said that he didn?t believe in using body suit or any other artificial things to support his physical appearance in the movie.

Although the video shows the actor performing heavy lifts and strict diets, it is nearly impossible to transform the body from fat to fit in just 5 months. It may be possible that the actor allegedly used steroids, which might help him to achieve faster results.

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Other?speculations about Aamir Khan body transformation is health issues. Any person who sheds 40% of body fat at a fast pace might suffer from a lethal health hazard. Contrary to this, Khan seems so healthy and excited about his transformation. This is a vital point of argument regarding the authenticity of his body transformation.

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Meanwhile,?the success of his upcoming movie is solely dependent on his performance. But it seems that Aamir Khan does more than what’s needed to truly portray his role.

Watch Aamir?s body transformation video below:

Dangal | Fat to Fit – Aamir Khan's Transformation | In cinema…

Nitesh Sir sehat ke liye aap toh Haanikarak hain !

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