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This week in fanboyism I looked at the HD format war.? It’s getting hot and heavy.? The Blu-Ray site got hacked, PS3 pundits are still claiming a Blu-Ray victory and HD-DVD is slowly chugging along like the little train that could.? There were some really dumb comments and forum posts this week but there were also some good ones.? Here’s my picks for the week:

This is the greatest HD-DVD post I’ve ever seen.? This was taken from a about the format war.?

The down and dirty: HD-DVD is better.
Blu-Ray advantages that aren’t really advantages at all:
Size – yes, they have larger capacity. Who gives a shit? The best HD-DVD films look just as good as the best Blu-Ray films, regardless of the space. Lossless audio? Unless you have $6000 reference speakers, you won’t notice a significant difference between PCM and TruHD, or even DD+. The only thing one can say for Blu-Ray and larger size is that they can fit more extras on one disc.
Scratch resistant coating – yes, Blu-Ray discs are less prone to scratches. They are also unrepairable. I’ve had regular DVDs and CDs for years and years, they still work fine, and I haven’t had to repair them. Plus, the coating introduces problems into the manufacturing process and makes discs less reliable.
Higher bitrate – refer to the point about size. HD-DVD and Blu-Ray look equally great.
Install-base/”we’ve won all the weeks” – this is only because of the PS3. You simply cannot build a format entirely on a game console. It’s bad business. HD-DVD has sold more standalone players than Blu-Ray by a very large margin, without even factoring in the 360 add-on (which, arguably, is only purchased by people who want to play HD-DVDs, where no such distinction can be made for the purchase of a PS3).
Actual HD-DVD advantages:
Lack of region coding – you can play and HD-DVD on any player. Blu-Ray has region codes.
Lack of draconian DRM – HD-DVD has DRM, but it’s more of a gesture than anything else, it was cracked long ago. Blu-Ray’s DRM can change on the fly via updates from the web and has even introduced playback problems in some titles.
Player cost – HD-DVD is simply cheaper overall.
Media cost – while many HD-DVD and Blu-Ray titles sport the same MSRP, it is much cheaper to actually produce HD-DVDs. This means that companies can either make more money by using HD-DVD technology, or offer them at lower prices to compete.
Combo discs – while there have been some problems with these discs, I personally own seven and have not experienced any of these problems. You get a standard DVD and HD-DVD on one disc, play it in your home theater or in a room with a regular DVD player.
Special features – HD-DVD offers far better interactivity than Blu-Ray, especially considering how buggy BD-J is. Every single player comes web-enabled. True, Blu-Ray has more room for hi-def extras due to disk space, but that’s not that much of an advantage.
A finished standard – Blu-Ray has 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 eventually? All supporting different featuresets. 1.1 features won’t work on a 1.0 player. 2.0 features won’t work on a 1.1 player. All HD-DVD players play all HD-DVD content.
I’m sure I’ve forgotten something, but please. Sony has failed time and time again with their proprietary formats. They try to control and control and control, and all they end up doing is alienating the customer. Whatever you think about Microsoft, their product is less restricting, cheaper, has brand recognition, and is much more likely to actually achieve mass adoption, which is why it’s sensible to put your hi-def investment in HD-DVD today and hopefully end this stupid war.

This idiot thinks HD-DVD is compatible with his DVD collection.? WTF is he talking about?

If I had to choose, probably HD DVD. The extra storage of the blu ray is awesome, but the campatibility with my current DVD collection.
HD DVD ftw

Here’s another guy stating that the format war is over and that Toshiba and MS should just give up.? Comical!

MS is destroying Toshiba. They are now almost gone. VISTA is a mega flop and now they are dragging down Toshiba along with them

The format war is over.

Give up MS and Toshiba

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