A Week In Fanboyism 12/16/07

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I read a lot of funny shit in threads across the net.? The funniest comments are ones made by fanboys.? I figured I’d post my findings here for you to enjoy.

I don’t play FF games, but I looked up pictures of Larsa and Kuja when I saw these comments.? OMG those Square guys are nuts!

I’ve lost the love I used to have for FF games when they suddenly made every man look like a woman.

I stopped playing FFXII the minute I found out Larsa was a man.

Larsa? I didnt have any problem with him.. now Kuja.. I’ve played through 9 many times and I still dont believe she’s a man.

I dont believe until I see proof

This poor kid posted a comment and people couldn’t stop cracking on his avatar.

You have the worst avatar ever!

This is one of those insane Sonites talking about what these two games are gonna do for PS3 hardware sales.

if they release MGS4 and KillZone 2 by the end of February…MGS4 will move 2+ million consoles by itself…

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