A User?s Guide To ?Tamang Panahon?

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This Saturday will surely be a time to remember as the global phenom AlDub is set to take the big stage and hold their first big event along with 55,000 fans in the world?s largest indoor events venue ? the Philippine Arena.

The AlDub nation are in for a treat as Alden Richards and Maine ?Yaya Dub? Mendoza parade on the stage and take everyone through a journey of entertainment, humor, and above all, love.

Of course we need to note that safety always comes first when you?re in a big event, especially when more than 50,000 AlDub fans are waiting to see their favorite couple. So here are some important reminders for ?AlDub: Tamang Panahon? on October 24:

AlDub Tamang Panahon


  • Don?t be a Quando ? Do not camp outside of the arena!
  • Don?t bring kids below 7 yrs. Old
  • Pregnant women are not advised to watch
  • No food allowed
  • Bottled beverages (even water) are not allowed
  • Don?t try to sneak in a concealed weapon
  • No selfie sticks!
  • Don?t litter ? Keep our surroundings clean and green!
  • Don?t climb any stairs when Mambo #5 starts playing


  • Be a Bernardo: Please take a bath before going to the event
  • Be a Rogelio: Secure your ticket and keep safe!
  • Who?s the face on your ticket? That?s where you?re supposed to line-up
  • Stick to your seat
  • Cheer as loud as you can!
  • Tweet as much as you can (especially for those at home)
  • Dance ?Dessert? only in your seats
  • Do cry along when Alden starts singing ?God Gave Me You?
  • Do bring ?Oxygen? ? the show will be great!

If you follow these reminders and keep Lola Nidora, Tidora, and Tinidora happy, then you?re guaranteed to have the most memorable AlDub experience of the year.

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