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A Tale of Two Fallout Games: Beat the Game without Killing and without Healing

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How players often tend to play Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas [Fallout|BethSoft]

Fallout 4 has been making a lot of noise since Bethesda was announced as preparing for an E3 2015 appearance.

It?s a consequence of having no news whatsoever come out as to how Fallout 4 might be or might not be doing. We do know that Bethesda might have passed the torch on to a developer, or they may have continued developing the game. It?s up in the air, really; ?news? that it was going to be released sometime this year or that year might be misleading, but as it doesn?t have any official Bethesda links in it, those proved to be false. But not this time, not when Bethesda themselves have announced their E3 show.

It?s nice to read what these two reports bring to us. Here is a report coming from Kotaku about a guy with a dedication unlike any other?and one that managed to beat Fallout: New Vegas without ever stopping to heal himself. Also, another report coming from Giant Bomb chronicles the travels of a player who is a pacifist in every way?albeit in Fallout: New Vegas. Deciding that there?s been too much bloodshed already, this guy breezed through the game without killing a single soul.

Beat the Game without Healing. Ever.

This is what you get when you?ve beaten a game so many times, you know how to go about it as a pacifist.

Forgetting that Fallout: New Vegas was supposed to be played along the lines of dispensing your own brand of justice, player Many a True Nerd decided that he needed to do another run through of the game, as per Kotaku. This time, though, just for the fun of it, he decided that he would play the game without healing?just a single life running through the Wastelands, as per Kotaku. If he died in-game, it would be as it is in real life?no more resets, that character is dead forever.

Talk about immersion. That?s as immersive a player can get when playing on a single-health bar and no stopping for anything?not even to avoid the radiation that?s slowly chipping away at his bar. It?s an impressive run, although, as per his own words, ?It?s going to be a nightmare?.

Beat the Game without Killing. Not a single thing or person.

Here?s a completely different take on the game, though. This one, from user Water Wendi, appeared on the Neogaf forum by way of Giant Bomb.

The player decided not healing was just too simple?he went around as a true pacifist, avoiding needless violence and, as a result, went about not killing anything. It was a nice gesture, and as the game stats have showed, it appears that the player did avoid killing anyone. That?s a nice enough playthrough?to avoid having to kill, even when you?re being shot at. Of course, if you had the sneak attribute maxed out, avoiding things isn?t much of a problem.

With all the mods Fallout: New Vegas has, it?s nice to see that there are still ways of finishing the game and making it interesting. Here?s to more interesting playthroughs of a franchise that could appear without a moment?s notice.

Fallout 4: What it might be

While these playthroughs suggest that Fallout: New Vegas is still enjoying a sort of recall among players, the spotlight will obviously be on Fallout 4. However, what will that game be like? Will it be set in Boston? At the very least, we now have an event to look out for and perhaps see Fallout 4 in?the upcoming E3, where Bethesda will be hosting a show.


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