A PSP Classic, Monster Hunter, Crosses Over

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Men vs. Monsters are a classic concept that has been explored quite a number of times ever since the first ?Clash of the Titans? came out. Even in ancient Greece, men have been killing monsters. Take for example the story of Hercules against the Hydra, the Stymphalian Birds, and the Nemean Lion. There?s also the story of Perseus against the Kraken, the mythical monster said to have been almost the downfall of the gods of Olympus.

Recent times have given us the countless Godzilla movies, where giant Kaiju, even while battling against Godzilla, is also pitted against the might of men. They might have had gigantic help, but in the end men always prevail. And by men prevailing, don?t even get started on discussing the plot of Pacific Rim. This here is the very same premise when creators from Japan, the home of Godzilla, came up with the latest Kaiju-killing venture, Monster Hunter.

The game itself has a very promising plot when it came out. As a hunter coming from a small town either in the jungle, the mountains, or in the Far East, you are tasked with the eradication of gigantic monsters that threaten your way of life. These monsters are destructive and dangerous, but they do promise great rewards: the sheer size of the monsters means that you, as a hunter, can gain access to the very same features which makes them deadly. Their teeth, claws, and hide can become weapons and armor for you, provided that you survive your encounter with them.

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The game was received warmly by gamers, but saw its real success when the PlayStation Portable was introduced. With the game having a feature that enables hunting parties through wireless inter-connections, naturally, the ability of PSPs to connect wirelessly with each other made it an even bigger hit. And now, sources say the classic is being ported to another portable device: the iPhone and the iPad.

The game being ported to iOS-backed devices is priced at around $14.99 for all devices. If you think that it?s connected with last year?s Monster Hunter release on the 3DS, you?re sadly mistaken. This is a re-release of the Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, a game with noticeably marked down graphics. While it is underwhelming, the game is expected to make full0use of the assets of the iOS, in turn running seamlessly and offering an unrivalled playing experience.

The only difficulty with this game is the controls; PSP controllers were much easier to navigate, and you can perform complicated actions needed for your character to stay alive in a pinch. Now, how does using a touch-screen controller sound? It might be innovative, yes, but to a game where you need to duck, roll, and jump while wielding a big bastard sword, chased by a faux-Godzilla, a touch-screen controller is a very good way to get you skinned alive by the monster instead.

Local gameplay party aficionados will be disappointed, as multiplayer options are only limited to local WiFi. Still, the game is pretty huge in comparison to other mobile games that offer the same thing. Another thing is that with some people in the US still new to the series, it finally has a chance to reach these audiences and welcome them into a new world of monster hunting.

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