A New Action RPG is Coming to the PS4 and PC and it?s Called Bombshell

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A new isometric action role playing game is in the works called Bombshell and it is being developed by 3D Realms and Interceptor Entertainment. The game will be available for the Windows PC and the PlayStation 4 in the first quarter of 2015. This will be a new IP game born from the Gearbox Duke Nukem lawsuit.

Bombshell is powered by the Unreal Engine and the story centers around Shelly ?Bombshell? Harrison, who is a bomb disposal expert turned mercenary for hire. It seems like she?s a fan of ?kicking ass, motorcycles, kicking ass on motorcycles?. The game spans across four different planets and players take on the role of Bombshell and will be tasked with rescuing the president and her people from a ?mechanical monstrosity?.?

Shelly had an innate desire to succeed even as a child. As she matured, she became a Colonel in the Global Defence Force and then went on to become a bomb disposal specialist. As a bomb disposal specialist, there was an event called the ?Washington incident? where she lost not only her arm but also her team as well in an explosion. After the incident, she went on to accept a job as a private military contractor and was given a mechanical arm that was ?built from unidentified remnants discovered in the aftermath of the Washington incident.?

Shelly has been looking to get revenge on those responsible for losing her arm and team ever since. With the new arm, Shelly took on the name of ?Bombshell? and vowed to restore both her name and reputation. The game features ten weaponized arm modifications, upgrades, side questions, and nonlinear levels. There should also be modding tools available when the game is launched.

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The game came about from a lawsuit that was instigated early this year. The game was thought to be a reconditioned version of a Duke Nukem game, but because of a series of events, 3D Realms and Interceptor Entertainment had an opportunity to create a new IP. The companies feel very positive about the new franchise and they have hopes that it will have an expansive universe with great long term goals and ambitions.

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