A New ‘Ace Attorney Game’ On Its Way. Phoenix Wright’s Ancestor Takes The Spotlight

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Ace Attorney
Ace Attorney

Another Ace Attorney game is being developed by Capcom for the 3DS. The game will feature the original protagonist, Phoenix Wright?s ancestor and the game settings will be way back more than a hundred centuries in the past.

The creator of the original Ace Attorney series in the DS is now working on another title that also belongs in the same game universe, but instead of going forward with the timeline of the game, he brings the game?s setting a hundred years back.

Siliconera translated a recent Famitsu info and it states that the next Ace Attorney game is set in the Meiji period of Japan. This was around 1868 ? 1982. The main protagonist of the game is Wright?s ancestor, Ryunosuke Naruhodo.

The game will be exclusive to the 3DS and is going to be directed by Shu Takumi, Ace Attorney?s very creator. Shintaro Kojima will also have some involvement in the game. (He is the guy behind the Monster Hunter series by Capcom)

There is no official word yet for other details like the story, other characters and gameplay. There?s also no word yet if the game will come out in the US. The information was not released in English so you can keep that in mind. Some people might think that the chance of having this game translated to English is slim, mainly because of the heavy dose of Japanese culture that is going to be displayed in the game?s settings. (Though it is very unlikely that a game like Ace Attorney does not get any official translation)

The latest game in the Ace Attorney series as of now is Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney ? Dual Destinies and it was released last October 2013. The spin-off between Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton is to be released in 3DS later this year.

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