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A Month of Wins for Apple: 9 Design Patents Awarded

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Apple has been making a lot of noise as of late.

Aside from the arrival of the Apple Watch, Apple has been making a lot of noise in regards to the iPhone 6. Lately, the iPhone 6 has been compared a lot to Samsung?s phones?it wouldn?t be surprising, considering that at first glance, people are surprised that the iPhone 6 looks like it was designed by someone from Samsung. A look at the thin phone, followed by the length and the overall design, and one would mistake the phone for a Samsung Galaxy S series variant.

This is what Apple wants to protect itself from. Never mind that one of its latest phones appears to have been taken from the Samsung design lab, Apple, as per Patently Apple, has won patents that should protect it from lawsuits from Samsung, its direct competitor. Another news?this one from CNet?highlights the recent string of good fortune that Apple has been enjoying. This time, the Apple watch is thrust into the spotlight as the watch celebrates a victory.

Apple?s Design Patent becomes protected

It has long been regarded that the battle between Samsung and Apple has turned ugly, with each taking the other?s design without remorse.

Lately, as Patently Apple reports, Apple has been winning, ever since they last did on August 24, 2012. The verdict had found Samsung?s actions were done with full knowledge of the manufacturer, and they have been getting Samsung?s number ever since. While the iPhone 6 appeared to have looked a bit like Samsung?s own phones, Samsung has since been forbidden to release phones that look even slightly like Apple?s iPhone.

It will be hard for Samsung to try and release a phone that won?t vaguely look like the iPhone 6, what with Apple securing nine patents for designs on their future phones after the iPhone 6. Will Samsun be able to find a way around this latest predicament?

The Apple Watch wins its first victory

If awards are any indication of success, then it appears that the Apple Watch is already reaping its success even before its release.

The Apple Watch, already about to arrive as per CNet?s article, received a nod this early. It was lauded by the Germany-based iF International Forum Design at the 2015 iF Design Awards. It was acknowledged for its versatility?being a watch and a fitness companion at the same time. The other winner was the Smartisan T1 Mobile phone, but it was the Apple Watch who took the show, since it wasn?t virtually released as of yet.

This speaks miles about the Apple Watch. The award notwithstanding, we could very well be looking at another new device which could instantly become a pop-culture phenomenon.

Apple?s Victories in 2015

Some people like their products, while a select group doesn?t. However, love them or hate them, you can?t deny that Apple has a history of making products that defy the established norm and set the standards for a new norm. That seems to be the case with the Apple Watch, which is coming in April of this year.


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