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A Look into Exogenesis

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Coming your way this last quarter of 2014 is a new type of game that will surely bring new twist on your gaming experience. Exogenesis! A one of a kind game that will totally get you hooked. Ever heard of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney? Where you get to play as a defense attorney and examine evidence and such? Or maybe Zero Escape: Virtue?s Last Reward? A VN (or Visual Novel) and escape type of game in one, where you escape from captivity and solve puzzles. Exogenesis has them both!

The game features a unique hybrid, where two gameplays are combined into one. It is a combination of point-and-click adventure game while focusing on storytelling that can be found in a lot of Visual Novel games. Few of the other features of the game are a longer storyline, story choices that will determine your ending, and puzzle solving.

Exogenesis is really making a name for itself. Words are starting to spread about the game and its uniqueness and a few games, or a game rather, is not an exception. Last April 2014, the creator of Zero Escape: Virtue?s Last Reward tweeted, and I quote, ?I?m looking forward to this?.

The story is set upon the far future – the year 2069, a post-apocalyptic Japan where laws are now a thing of the past. The only regulation they have now is how to survive, by any means necessary.

Follow Yudai Sayashi and his friends as they embark on a journey of finding a way for him to resurrect his dead sister, Miho Sayashi. But everything can change, it?s now in your hands to do the right choice and do bad ones when the right time comes, are you ready for that kind of responsibility?

Everyone is now excited to get their hands on this game. Even me! The story is interesting, the characters, the features, there?s too many to mention. They really did invest a lot of time and a lot of work on this, which makes it a masterpiece.

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Photo source and credit goes to Exogenesis and the awesome team behind it.

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