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A Look at Torchlight II: Why It’s a Cheap Alternative to Diablo III

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Here’s why Torchlight II is a Cheap Alternative to Diablo III.

Remember the first time you faced-off with Diablo? It seems like eons ago when the first Diablo was released by game developers Blizzard Studios. Since then, everything has been history. Diablo II came, and the sleepless nights we all had came again, playing in front of the PC and figuring out new and creative ways on how to send our favorite nemesis back to the fiery depths from whence he came. However, when we finished it, we waited with baited breath for the release of Diablo 3.

When Diablo 3 finally came out, it was everything that the players had come to expect from a Diablo game. Blizzard definitely made good on making it every bit as good and as fun to play as the previous titles in the series, if not better. However, for the discerning gamer, this is not good. We need to know if there are other titles out there who might hold a candle to our favorite games (such as in the case of FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer, or StarCraft and Tiberium Wars).

The closest game that was ever to emulate the vast dungeons and world of Diablo 3 was Torchlight 2. From being a dungeon crawler back in the first Torchlight, Torchlight 2 adapted into a world where the enemy surfaces from those dungeons. The player characters are tavern patrons who decide to take up arms against the enemy, and the gameplay begins from there.

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There are four character classes which you can choose from, and that is the Outlander, the Berserker, the Embermage, and the Engineer. Of the three, the Outlander is suited for players who like to use archer and long-range missile weapon specialists. This character has a specialty with any ranged weapon, be it one that uses arrows, or guns. The Berserker is the easiest of the four to figure out, as this character is more like an assassin or monk-type, usually using two gauntlet-like weapons on each hand. The Embermage is the token mage of the game, adept in casting spells and raining destruction from afar. Finally, we have the Engineer, who can be compared to a knight or paladin, usually fitted with strong melee weapons like axes, swords, or, in the game?s case, hammers that are shaped like an over-sized wrench.

How Is It Cheaper than Diablo 3?

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With all its easter eggs, which you discover as you play the game, Torchlight 2 cannot help but be compared to Diablo 3. Some even say one is better than the other, but based on some facets, Torchlight 2 appears to cater more to the gamer who prefers to find his stuff in the game than online. You do need an internet connection to play Diablo 3. Torchlight, however, doesn?t require you to connect to the internet to play. You do it at your own discretion, if you?ve set up a game-party with your friends who live in the next county.

Another things why it?s geared for budget gamers is that the items you find in Torchlight 2 easily compares with most items that you buy from Diablo 3?s game stores. The items that bosses and epic bosses drop in Torchlight 2 are almost the same quality too. If you do like bragging about your in-game purchases from the developer store, however, then you should go all-out for Diablo 3.

If you want to save your hard-earned money, however, Torchlight 2 serves as a welcome and entertaining alternative to a gaming classic. Torchlight 2 proves that sometimes, you don?t have to pay a huge amount of money to get your cake and eat it.?

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