A Harvard doctor infused CBD in vegan skincare designed for the masculines

This set is every man’s need for a simple, proactive skin care regimen formulated to improve your masculinity

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For men who want to dive into minimalism and simplicity, skincare might not be at the top of their priorities. But just like women, men’s skin deserves to be pampered too, even if it’s using non-complex products. An example would be a skincare regime designed by a Harvard doctor, the MadeMan Re(set) Collection.

MadeMan The Re(set) Collection is a simple and easy 2 step skincare regimen certified by the Vegan Society. With the help of a famous Harvard-trained skin expert, Dr. Loretta Ciraldo, MadeMan created a sustainable and cruelty-free skincare set designed for men seeking to become the best version of themselves.

Inspired by the concept of starting over, MadeMan The Re(set) Collection aims to alleviate men’s skincare without taking too much of their time and effort.

The Resetter

This 2-in-1 facial cleanser & shaving gel is water-based and uses all-natural ingredients. It combines eucalyptus essential oil with a natural foaming agent soap bark to facilitate a smooth shave and a deep but gentle cleansing that immediately leaves your skin with a natural fragrant scent.

The Refresher

This 2nd step is actually a CBD-infused 6-in-1 moisturizer gel. It contains a proprietary blend of Chicory Root to tighten and lift your face while increasing collagen synthesis at the same time. It provides digital light protection, anti-aging benefits, and anti-inflammatory qualities because of the hemp oil. This moisturizer helps smooth out your skin, retain moisture, and give you a hydrated appearance.
This moisturizer contains Mica, an ingredient used in most cosmetics. That has the same benefits as an SPF, which gives you a healthy glow while protecting your face from harmful rays and pollution and can even help reduce any signs of sunburn.
MadeMan’s principles have driven every component of their business after conception. The CEO is a philanthropist at heart, donating a portion of proceeds to the non-profit organization that has mirrored his brand values.
Men tend to invest more in material things like cars, clothes, and jewelry but less on their skin. Looking good and being good to the planet is not just fulfilling, but it definitely scores big to win the hearts of women. And it can be done both with MadeMan.