A Gaming Console From Google Is Coming

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Google Creating a Game Console
Google Creating a Game Console

Too long ago, Amazon announced the Amazon Fire TV which was directed to both people who want to watch and PLAY as it is also a gaming platform on its own. Google on the other hand, was also at work with something with their own gaming platform, according to rumors which happens to be getting more attention recently.

The rumor about Google?s own gaming console has been swirling around the internet recently. A report from Insider states that the project?s name is ?The Nexus Orbit? and a recent U.S trademark under serial #2100986 secures the name ?Orbit? for ?Video and Computer Use?. All these facts can certainly lead to a conclusion that a gaming console is, indeed, in the works.

Buzz about this project from Google started when Google patented a trademark under that category. It could be a great indication that Google is also planning to release a game console in the future like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Another possibility is that Google might also be pertaining to have a device that will directly compete with the recently announced Fire TV from Amazon, which is also partly, a gaming console/platform.

Some experts also have some speculations with Google, decreasing the amount of attention they put with Google+ on PCs and fit it more with the console to serve like Sony?s PSPlus or Nintendo?s MiiVerse. It is also likely that it will have the share button that the other consoles have in order for owners to share their screenshots with their friends online.

To add up in this observation, Google also did purchase ?B Comfortable?, co-developer of MOGA iOS game controllers. This pretty much leads people to a conclusion that Google is also after having people design controllers for the ?Orbit?. Again, this might be just a remote control for a T.V platform, but who needs a complex design for a mere remote control? Again, Amazon?s pattern with Fire T.V becomes evident.

With these information given, it is more likely that Google is working on a table-top system where gaming is the huge chunk of the deal you get from purchasing it OR it is a full pledge gaming console on its own.

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