A First Look at ‘The Hobbit 3’: A Defining Chapter?

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image courtesy of Peter Jackson’s Facebook page/facebook.com/PeterJacksonNZ

The “Hobbit” movies have been a huge success from the first film. These films are a re-imagining of J.R.R Tolkien?s classic, “The Hobbit”; re-imagined in the sense that some elements are added and expanded, such as the role of Radagast the Brown. In classic Peter Jackson style, the movies are a success, already being compared to the first trilogy of Jackson films ?The Lord of the Rings?.

The series of films tells of the struggles of the dwarves, known as ?Thorin?s Company?, in regaining the Lonely Mountain, Erebor, which they claim as rightfully theirs by birthright. It also tells of Bilbo Baggins, Frodo Baggins? relative, and of how the One Ring came into his possession.

The film earned rave reviews, and the first film ended with a positive note, with Thorin Oakshield?s company laying view on the Lonely Mountain itself. However, the end of the first film gave viewers a sneak peak of the villain who is Smaug the Magnificent, the dragon who drove the dwarves out of Erebor. The second film ended in a somewhat sudden fashion, forcing people to anxiously wait for the third film of the trilogy. The song at the end, ?I See Fire?, is especially haunting.

Fans of the movie, and of the mythos cleverly woven by J.R.R Tolkien, wait impatiently for the third film. This early, there have been glimpses of the third film, most notably in Germany, where the synopsis of the third film ?The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies? was finally revealed. The synopsis alone is enough to whet the ravenous appetite of fans that can?t wait for the premiere of the third movie.

Aside from this, there?s the appearance of Peter Jackson before the audiences of the #ComicCon2014, where he is set to reveal a teaser trailer for the third film in the “Hobbit” series. Earlier, Jackson had announced the trailer and a new poster for the movie in his Facebook page.

?Spoilers Galore for the New Film

image courtesy of thorinoakenshield.net

image courtesy of thorinoakenshield.net

People who are eagerly waiting for the new film to come out would be pleased to know about a few facts pertaining to events in the film. Reportedly, the dwarves are about to make a larger contribution to Middle-Earth in this film, where they are said to ?unleash a deadly force into the world? in reclaiming their land. Also, the elves will be hard-pressed to deal with a greater evil than Smaug himself, and that they should be prepared to face it.

Thorin, who in the previous film is seen as desperate to reclaim the Lonely Mountain kingdom of the dwarves, succumbs to dwarven greed. Bilbo will once again play a vital role here, becoming the voice of reason. However, there is a greater force at play, one that even Gandalf cannot overcome, and that is Sauron, who sends forth his Orcs to attack the Lonely Mountain.

?The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies? shows how the reaction of Men, Dwarves, and Elves will lead to the great confrontation leading into the Third Age. Will they be able to come together in time before darkness finally consumes the land?

The film will be shown in theaters on December 18.

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