A Few Things You Need to Know About the Cyber Attack on eBay

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If you have an eBay account, which you most likely do, you?ll need to know about the recent cyber-attack on eBay. The attack took place sometime between February and March and there is still not much information on eBay about the incident or how customers are potentially at risk. To be safe, we encourage you to change passwords right now.

It is important to know what actually took place or how you may be affected. We?ll fill you in on some of the items below.

eBay says that there is no evidence that financial data was acquired, but personal details most likely got taken.?

eBay mentioned that there is no evidence that financial data, like credit card details, were taken by the hackers. However, the database with user?s personal details like names, usernames, passwords, email addresses, phone numbers, and the like, were compromised. How much of the data was compromised though isn?t yet known.

Change passwords right away

The attack was discovered around 2 weeks ago, but eBay mentioned that the attack happened between late February and early March. Users who have not updated their details since that time should have their details changed. As an extra precaution, if you use the same password on other websites, you may want to change them as well since we are not sure how badly other details like names have been compromised.

Hackers are still unknown

Even until now, the hackers responsible for the attack still haven?t let themselves be known. Speculation is that since they targeted eBay and its consumer database, the attack is more commercially oriented.

Fake eBay emails are wandering the Internet

Since the cyber-attack, phishing emails have been more rampant. Normally, you should be able to easily recognize legitimate emails from eBay especially since you have the username in the subject line. Since details like usernames have potentially been compromised with the hack, users may receive emails that look exactly like the real thing.

This cyber-attack is one of the biggest attacks in Internet history as far as the number of accounts compromised is concerned. It?s important to protect yourself, especially if you?re a frequent user of eBay.

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