A board game can make your cat happy and healthy even when you’re away

It’s heartbreaking for paw parents to see fur babies lean on the door for hours waiting for you to get home.

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Cheerble chase me you little fur ball!
Cheerble chase me you little fur ball!

Good thing there are pet toys they can play with whenever we are not around. But among these pet toy brands, one stood out — the Cheerble.

Cheerble’s interactive board game helps distract your cat from your absence, provides mental stimulation and anxiety relief, and gives the right dose of daily exercise. It’s also built with a scratch pad so you won’t have to trim their nails.

It comes with all the things your baby cat loves; a smart toy ball to play with and a purr-fect place for your fur babies to exercise, nap, and scratch and, of course, a feather pom to chase for many hours.