A Bill Banning Selfies With Tigers

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If you cannot afford to look cute, at the same time brave, while taking a picture with a tiger, then so be it. New York State is set to pass an unusual yet sensible bill that adheres both to the safety and security of wildlife creatures and the people themselves. It all started with a Tumblr page Tinder Guys With Tigers that?compiled selfies with the tigers to online dating forums.

According to The New York Post, Manhattan Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal would like to put a stop to the trend now to impose and increase safety at traveling circuses and county fairs. Moreover Rosenthal told the Post that they can still take pictures with other animals like bears and monkeys, just not with the wildcats.


Illegal Tiger Patters, Cuddlers and Touchers in general will have to pay $500 even if it is a cub. With seven instances in 15 years of tigers escaping and hurting New Yorkers, what the Assemblywoman wants is just to ensure the safety of the people from possible accidents.

Dating-app users

For all its worth, users still fought and defended that they only want to have fun and post humor to potential mates.

Animal-rights groups

The groups told the post that if they (dating-app users) would like to improve their profile images, they have to be aware of the risk and danger with taking a picture with tigers.

Does this conclude that tigers cannot be trusted at all? Isn’t this some kind of a generalization that tigers are not domestic pets when there are viral videos showing grown-up tigers living with people? Isn?t it that it is the fault of humanity that we captivate such creatures and cage them and present them in a zoo?

The selfies with tigers can be a good way to start training tigers not to hurt people, but history would dictate that the wildcats are fearsome creatures that as much as possible must be avoided, and there are other pets that can be domesticated.? Looking at both sides, legislators and dating app-users may have their own righteous claims, but they do have to compromise. However, the bill is still under review, a spokesman for Cuomo (state governor) said.

Photo credits: Tinder Guys With Tigers Tumblr


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