A Better and More Useful iPad Smart Cover, Says Apple

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Apple has been selling Smart Covers for their iPads since 2011. They have improved their iPads gradually, adding features and settings for the convenience of their customers. While there is nothing wrong with improving their products,?Apple may have failed to take one thing into consideration: their competition is constantly doing more ?and drastically improving their tablet accessories.

There are a lot of third-party iPad keyboard covers that generally are efficient and receive good reviews, but in 2012, Microsoft released its Type Cover for the Microsoft Surface. It received a warm welcome from its users; many reviewers said that the Type Cover was much easier to type on than a touchscreen keyboard. Apple has definitely taken note of this because a?patent,?discovered by?Apple Insider,?has shown improvements in the conventional iPad cover. The patent describes a number of new uses for the smart magnets that detect the presence of a smart cover. This could allow two iPads be attached to each other to form a simple dual-display setup. An?iPad?could even be attached to a drawing pad using Bluetooth.?Amazing changes? Yes!


The smart cover would allow the user to theoretically “lock” accessories in place, including docks that simply stand the iPad up or hold it on a positionable mount for different viewing angles.?The patent also shows that the iPad cover has smart magnets for holding gaming controllers, credit card readers, and external storage. It also describes how the smart magnets could be attached to the straps or hangers to help the user to carry the device. The iPad can also be attached to the back of a car seat?s headrest. You could even bring and attach the iPad to gym equipments. The most intriguing part of the patent is that a ring can be worn to activate the smart magnets. In theory, users must wave their hands over their iPad to unlock it or perform other functions, with the help of the ring.


Nobody knows if Apple will be able to live up to these wonderful ideas, but maybe, just maybe, they will work up their sleeves to provide their customers the best iPad experience yet.

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