9-Year-Old Hero Saves Baby Brother From Falling Off Table

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9-Year-Old Hero Saves Baby Brother

A dramatic video captured the moment when a 9-year-old hero saved his brother miraculously after he fell off the changing table. According to the resident Tila Levi, ?she took the video on Sept. 29 where a nine-year-old saved his brother.

However, she didn?t post it to her Facebook until last week. Why? At first, she was embarrassed about the incident, she told ABC News. Furthermore, her husband sent it to all of their friends and family for them to know that they were starting the year off with a miracle during the Jewish New Year.

As can be seen in the video, Levi has just changed Ethan?s diaper. Soon after, she became distracted by her other 6-year-old son when he asked her about his homework. As can be seen, Ethan was just lying on his back on the changing table.

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However, the moment Levi turned away, the baby immediately rolled over. Ethan?s legs can be seen dangling over the edge of the table before he tips off and fall for about 3 feet to the ground. Fortunately, Levi?s 9-year-old son, Joseph, dashed immediately to catch his falling baby brother.

9-Year-Old Hero Saves Baby Brother Whom He Can?t Even Lift

9-Year-Old Hero Saves Baby Brother

Miraculously, it was only his legs that hit the floor. Joseph managed to grab Ethan?s upper body pretty quickly to reduce the falling impact. Joseph prevented Ethan from smacking his head against the wooden floor.

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After Levi realized what had just happened, she immediately embraced both Ethan and Joseph. However, it turns out that Joseph was shaken up as well as surprised that he was able to catch his 30-pound brother since he can barely lift him.

Furthermore, Levi decided to post the video right after the election. During that time, she stated that people were so angry and so mean to each other on Facebook. Levi, a mother of five, decided to craft a message with the intention of changing the tone of the day.

See Joseph?s amazing save in the video below:

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