9 Muses Members Fight Back: Kyungri Slams Instagram, Twitter Bashers

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Hallyu star Kyungri slammed Instagram and Twitter bashers in a recent post. This was by posting side-by-side photos of herself last February 14. In the caption, she curtly addressed mean-spirited netizens who have been criticizing her looks on social media.

The pop star reuploaded two snapshots that she originally shared on the verified Kyungri Twitter page weeks ago. One showed her fully made up with cosmetics and styled hair. The other showed the “Dolls” songstress’ au naturele, completely makeup-free look.

Kyungri’s Instagram clap back

She then placed the pictures alongside each other and posted them on her Instagram account. In the caption, the 26-year-old revealed that the two different looking selfies were taken on the exact same day. The one wherein she had no makeup on was allegedly bashed by a lot of people. According to her, most of the criticisms were very harsh.

Known for 9 Muses songs like “Drama,” Kyungri seemingly challenged haters who have been relentlessly attacking her. She scoffed at how they idly “evaluate other people’s faces” on social media using pretentious beauty standards. The singer then said that she is “happy enough with the face” that she has.


The risk in posting celebrity selfies

Fans commented on Soompi’s report about the post. Some praised her for addressing the issue. Others assured that she is beautiful and should just ignore insecure online trolls. “Those people are unhappy with themselves and pouring it all on you,” they told the recording artist.

A couple of netizens pointed out that celebrities who post selfies are always at risk of being bashed. They said that people will always have different opinions – some positive, some others negative. As such, sharing images would mean that you also have to be strong enough to take in criticisms.

Celebrity cyber bullying getting worse?

The 9 Muses member is among the many K-pop and K-drama personalities that are slammed via social media almost everyday. Among the recent victims of cyberbullying is actress Kim Go Eun. She played heartthrob Gong Yoo’s leading lady in the recently concluded “Goblin” Korean drama.

Social media has been abuzz with praises for the TVN series. This is possibly the reason why its 25-year-old female lead opened an Instagram page just recently. True enough, a lot of fans trooped to her account to follow her activities.

Unfortunately for Go Eun, one of her posts got the attention of online bullies. It was a makeup-free selfie that was taken while she was on a vacation. The image received very mean and below-the-belt comments. This eventually led to the actress’ decision to delete the said selfie.

Do you agree with Kyungri’s Instagram message to bashers? Or do you prefer Go Eun’s approach to just walk away from conflict? Let us know what you think by commenting below and make sure to keep following TheBitBag for Hallyu news.

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