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9 Do?s and 7 Don?ts on a Samsung Galaxy S4 Drowned or Dropped in Water

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Samsung Galaxy S4 is not waterproof unlike ?the Galaxy S5 and if it accidentally gets itself into the water, here are quick remedies to save the device?s life.

Source: Samsung

Source: Samsung

Things You Can Do When It Happens

Technically speaking, a technician should handle the problem in order to salvage the smartphone but you may need to do some ?first-aid? to prevent further damage.

  1. In case the Galaxy S4 retains power and still active, turn it off immediately. If it is already off, do not attempt to turn it on ? leave it be.
  2. Remove all protective films, casing, covers and other attachable accessories on the Galaxy S4.
  3. Now remove the battery unit, SIM card, microSD and other removable accessories on the smartphone.
  4. Get an absorbent cotton or cloth or similar material then press it on the reachable surfaces of the smartphone. Do not make any wiping motion to avoid the water from going anywhere else.
  5. Some recommend using vacuum cleaners to dry it off but strong vacuum cleaners may damage sensitive parts of the device. Make sure to use low-powered units.
  6. Use an airtight plastic bag with zip lock. Put some uncooked rice and bury the Galaxy S4 inside it in an upright position, then leave it for one to two days.
  7. If you see any water beginning to settle at the base of the plastic bag, remove the smartphone, get a new plastic bag and fill it with a new batch of uncooked rice then place your Galaxy S4 back inside.
  8. After a day or two and you have noticed that is already dry, turn the Galaxy S4 on and see if everything is working properly, such as display, sound, playback, motion and gesture controls.
  9. Remember that drying your device at home is a lot riskier than taking it to a technician and if everything fails, visit a service center immediately.

What Things You Need to Avoid

After your Galaxy S4 gets a dip in the water, there are several things you should not if you hope to save your lovely smartphone.

  1. Never turn the device on if it is already off.
  2. Never recharge the device to avoid damaging and you via electrocution.
  3. Never shake the device to prevent water from going everywhere.
  4. Do not press any keys to keep the water in their current places.
  5. Do not blow the water away it will spread to areas with sensitive parts.
  6. Never use a blow dryer or a microwave oven to dry the phone to avoid frying the device.
  7. Do not store it in the freezer to prevent more moisture on damaging the internal parts.

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