800 Words Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: New House + Shay and Daniel

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800 Words Season 2 Episode 4
800 Words Season 2 Episode 4

This episode was directed by Michael Hurst and written by Kate McDermott. In 800 Words?season 2 episode 4, George looks into buying his dream house from back when the television show started.

Those who have watched the previous season of 800 Words know just how unlucky George can get. In episode three, George seemed to have things going his way. However, it was soon greeted with another problem as Shay invites her boyfriend from Sydney to their home in New Zealand. With four teenagers rustling and bustling, the house is getting smaller and smaller. Not only that, the ?summer people? are in town to party until they drop. The blasting music from the summer people become a nuisance. However, the music came from his dream house.

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The morning after the music blasting incident. George finds out that the house he meant to buy before moving out to New Zealand was up for sale. The woman, Becks (Esther Stephens), says that both her parents are dead, so she decided to sell the place. This leads George to decide whether or not he should buy the house. However, just when just when things seemed to be going his way, Shay leaves Daniel at the house the whole day. This leaves George to go crazy and have Arlo take Daniel around Weld.

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George has a dilemma though as he would have to sell the house he and his family are living in now. Furthermore, it seems that Shay?s boyfriend Daniel really wants to spend time with her. However, Shay does not feel the same way but also does not want to tell him. Katie and George talk about his plan about acquiring the dream house. Katie says that he should talk to his children. George takes both his children to the house, and he realizes that Shay has a problem with Daniel. He tells her to take charge of the situation. Shay tells the same to Arlo. She tells Arlo to tell Lindsay to go back home, and she will do the same to tell Daniel to go back to Sydney.

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As Arlo and Shay go to tell their respective people what they wanted to say, Daniel is packing up his stuff in a car and ride off with Lindsay. The two swear they will never tell anyone about what happened. George tries to force the dream house on the children over dinner. However, they say that they should stay in the house the already have. Furthermore, Becks comes over and says that she will not sell the house anymore.

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The episode ends with George awkwardly asking Katie out on a date. She giggles and laughs but agrees that she will go out with him. Watch Episode 4 for yourself and see how things are turn out.

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