8 Apple MacBook 2015 Force Touch Features

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Take a look at these 8 amazing Force Touch features from the latest Apple MacBook 2015

Apple MacBook 2015 is the most latest and current laptop released by Apple this early 2015. The specs may not be that impressive but the features that?this device?offers are quite amazing especially the Force Touch technology.

Apple MacBook 2015 Force Touch features that are actually useful

Here are the features that you may want to see from the latest Apple MacBook 2015 with Force Touch technology according to the video posted by Dom Esposito on YouTube:

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  1. Renaming Labels ? Just point the cursor and click the name and that?s it!
  2. Preview Files ? Opening the file just to view it is no doubt a major inconvenience especially if you are not going to use it or in no way of use to your work. This file preview for the Apple MacBook 2015 is much easier and much more convenient, you just point your cursor and force click on it and it?s done.
  3. Preview any calendar events ? This one is pretty much simple. Hover your pointer to the event and click on it, and then you will see the details of that upcoming or current event on your calendar.
  4. Create an event with just one or two clicks ? Yes, because of this latest technology, you can now click dates anywhere on your laptop whether it?d be from a web browser or email, just force click the date and it?s all set.
  5. Lookup Definitions ? Point the cursor on the word you want to look the definition to and click it.
  6. Pressure sensitive zoom in maps ? This one is actually awesome. The zoom rate?speed?when you are viewing the map depends on how heavy you press the pad! Cool right?!
  7. Preview web page on Safari web browser ? Pretty much like the preview files feature but instead of the installed documents/files on your Apple MacBook 2015, here you can have a preview of the link from your search result or any web page you visit using the Safari web browser.
  8. Pressure sensitive drawing ? Another cool feature for the MacBook 2015 is the pressure sensitive when you are sketching or drawing. The harder you press the pad, the thicker the line gets.

Personally, the preview web page is one of the greatest features on Apple MacBook 2015?s Force Touch technology. It can save you a lot of time when you are doing your research plus, it also saves up memory usage.

Image source?Apple

Copyright ? 2015 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.

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