7 First Kisses Episode 6 Spoilers: Taec Yeon Takes Lee Cho Hee for Shopping

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7 first kisses episode 6 spoilers

7 First Kisses Episode 6 is at the peak of the web series. Right from a charming cast to an interesting plot, the blockbuster Korean drama is winning the hearts of millions of viewers. Episode 6 is full of shopping, pampering, and romance.

Taec Yeon Met Lee Cho Hee in 7 First Kisses Episode 6

In the end of the 7 First Kisses Episode 5, Lee Cho-hee woke up from her dream about EXO Kai. Her co-workers apologized to her for being late for work. Then one of them asked her to go and hang out with her boyfriend.

Shocked, Cho-hee let herself be pushed to meet her ?boyfriend? who was waiting in the upper floor of the mall. She was on her way, when suddenly, Taec Yeon grabbed her arm and told her that he has been waiting for her all day long and he missed her so much.

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7 first kisses episode 6 spoilers

Cho-hee couldn?t stop smiling and adoring Taec Yeon. Then Taec Yeon took her shopping. ?Both of them shopped so much that they couldn?t handle their bags. So Taec Yeon asked a lady to carry the shopping bags for Cho-hee.

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Taec Yeon?s ex Girlfriend Abuses Lee Cho Hee

The couple was happily shopping in the mall and suddenly, Taec Yeon?s ex-girlfriend appeared and abused Cho-hee. She was holding a glass of cold water and she threw the water on Cho-hee?s face. Poor Cho-hee just couldn?t do anything, so Taec Yeon cleaned her face and protected her from his furious ex. Then Taec Yeon took her in a conference, where Cho-hee was represented in front of the media.

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