7 First Kisses Episode 5 Spoilers: Kai to Woo Lee Cho Hee with a Kiss?

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7 first kisses episode 5 spoilers

7 First Kisses Episode 5 spoilers has viewers anticipating for more romance. The new male lead of the Korean webseries?has appeared to woo the audience with his charm and smile. Kai and Lee Cho-hee?s chemistry in the 5th episode of 7 First Kisses was spectacular.

After feeling the romance from the dashing special agent Ji Chang-wook, Cho-hee was upset. She cursed the godmother that she was only able to dream about the kiss and a boyfriend and it shouldn?t count as a reward? She was totally upset and depressed while thinking that she will not be kissed by anyone in future.

7 First Kisses episode 5 spoilers: Kai to Kiss Lee Cho Hee?

Cho-hee?was very upset with the feeling of being alone and never been kissed by a boyfriend. God mother?s reward was just dreaming and feeling about romance, not about experiencing the actual romance.

Within ten minutes she had dreamed and sensed three boyfriends and three kisses, but none of them was a real kiss. This feeling tore her away and she was helplessly standing at the front desk. Then her manager approached her. The manager told her that he had a VIP guest and he wanted Lee to help them to shop.

Confused and helpless Cho-hee?couldn?t decline her manager?s request. Then the male guest requested her to help his wife shop across the Lotte Duty Free mall. Both ladies went away for shopping.

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7 first kisses episode 5 spoilers

Kai made Lee?s Day in 7 First Kisses Episode 5 spoilers

Cho-hee?s mobile started ringing, but she has forgotten her phone at the front desk. Her co-worker didn?t answer the call either. The call was from the 4th male lead of the drama, Kai.

Kai was frightened why Cho-hee wasn?t answering her phone. The next day, he picked her up for shopping, both of them have real fun. For the first time, you can see Cho-hee smiling and laughing in the webseries.

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Kai even captured those sweet moments with Cho-hee?using his smartphone. While coming back from the shopping mall, it was raining and Kai protected her from the rain by covering her head with his coat. Both of them have spent a romantic night, dancing and singing in each other?s arms.

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