7 First Kisses Episode 5 Recap: Feel the Romantic Moment Between a Teacher and a Student

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7 first kisses episode 5

The 7 First Kisses Episode 5 will leave you mesmerized. It beautifully described the romantic feelings that a student had for his teacher.

Kai was characterized as the student of Lee Cho-hee, who used to teach him Chinese language. The 7 First Kisses Episode 5 captured the moment when a student proposed to his teacher and requested her to be with him until the end of her life.

Kai pampered his teacher Lee Cho Hee

The episode started when Cho-hee?s manager asked her to help the VIP guests for shopping. Cho-hee was helping the guest with their shopping and the lady guest asked her if she could use the VIP membership card coupon and prepaid card together. Cho-hee replied said yes, she can use it as she has a gold membership card, but she was speaking in Chinese.

She was shocked at how she could speak Chinese. After helping them, she was out on her way and wondering how she?s able to speak Chinese. Now, who will she be meeting next? All of a sudden, Kai got in her way telling her how many times he had called her. She was shocked to see the famous actor from EXO.

?It?s so hard to go out with you for a date,? said Kai. Cho-hee is shocked and said, ?A date??

To which Kai explained to her that ?when a guy and a girl go out for lunch, it is called a date. And when will she stop treating him like a student??

Kai grabbed her for a Lunch

Then Cho-hee understood that this time she was a teacher in her dream. In this episode, Cho-hee never remained confused and shocked while dating Kai. In fact, she was seen enjoying her dream.

?Let?s go, I am so hungry,? said EXO Kai and grabbed her to get lunch. Before lunch, both of them spent quality time with each other. Shopping, taking photos and pampering each other. Kai even covered her head when it rained. Then both of them took their lunch at a burger joint.

Cho-hee just can?t get enough observing Kai?s charm at the burger joint. She thought that ?he?s so handsome like a Prince even while eating a burger.? She even thought that as she was his Chinese language tutor, it would be inappropriate to share a kiss with him.

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7 first kisses episdoe 5

Kai and Lee?s romantic dance

After lunch, both walked on the street when suddenly Kai noticed a dance group. Kai insisted that she dance with him. Both of them danced with each other and while dancing, Lee Cho-hee wished that ?I won?t wake up from this dream, oh please.?

After the dance, Kai told her that he was going to stop calling her teacher. She said then how will he call her? He said he will call her ?Soo-jin? and offered her a ring which was similar to his ring. Then he requested that he didn?t want her to treat him like her student anymore. They can be friends forever.

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He said that he liked her and she knew it very well. She even agreed that she knew he liked her a lot. Then the most anticipated moment arrived. Both of them held each other, just about to kiss and the dream was over for Cho-hee and Kai?s name and photo embedded on the 4th card.

In the end of the episode, Cho-hee?s co-worker informed her that her boyfriend was waiting for her and told her to meet him. Then Cho-hee suddenly met Taecyeon and he said, he missed her all day long.

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