7 First Kisses Episode 4 Spoilers: Lee Cho Hee Meets Special Agent Ji Chang Wook

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7 first kisses episode 4

The Korean webseries drama, 7 First Kisses is mesmerizing the audience with its charismatic male cast. After spending a romantic poolside date night with Lee Joon-gi, Lee Cho-hee was swept off her feet by her handsome boss, Park Hae-jin. Cho-hee is undoubtedly Korea?s luckiest girl right now.

7 First Kisses Episode 4 will bring lots of suspense and drama as Cho-hee meets special agent Ji Chang-wook. The audience can see a short follow-up of Episode 4 at the end of 7 First Kisses episode 3. And here is a detailed story what the audience will see in the next episode of 7 First Kisses.

7 First Kisses Episode 4 spoilers

Cho-hee was rescued by her charismatic boss from a loafer who took shameful photos of her without consent. After the criminal was arrested, Hae-jin confessed that he got the photos from the front desk. He said that he wanted her to be in his sight so that he can protect her and that?s why he asked her to help him in the work overnight.

This kind act of Hae-jin filled Cho-hee?s heart and both fell in love with each other right at the moment. Both were about to kiss, the entire world was stopped again and suddenly Cho-hee realized that it was another beautiful dream.

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7 first kisses episode 4 spoilers

Ji Chang Wook rescued Lee Cho Hee from stalkers

After experiencing a beautiful dream, 10 minutes were still left for Cho-hee for work. Her actual boss appeared at the front desk and hands her a sealed envelope. The envelope seemed to be a secret thing for Cho-hee and it might have a connection with the underworld.

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In the 7 First Kisses Episode 4 preview, a man can be seen running in the parking area of the mall and a few stalkers are chasing him. The man is none other than Ji Chang-wook. Meanwhile, Cho-hee was leaving off from her work and appears in the parking area.

Then one of the stalkers captures her and threatens her, but she bravely fights to rescue herself. Meanwhile, Chang-wook appears and rescues her. Then he takes her to his home and then comes the romantic moment for Cho-hee.

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