7 First Kisses Episode 4 Recap: Secret Agent Ji Chang Wook To Protect Lee Cho Hee For Lifetime

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7 first kisses episode 4 recap

7 First Kisses episode 4 is full of action and thrill. The latest episode features immense acting skills of its characters, especially Lee Cho-hee. The confused and frightened Cho-hee was able to fight off three hooligans. But why are the hooligans following the innocent Cho-hee? ?

Lee Cho Hee as the Partner of Secret Agent Ji Chang Wook

In the end of Episode 3, Cho-hee?s manager handed her a sealed envelope. When she opened the envelope, she found a USB drive with a message, ?I?ll come back to take this.? Confused, Cho-hee couldn?t figure out what?s going on with her.

While heading home, she was walking through a secluded street when someone held her hand and grabbed her in a corner. The person was Ji Chang-wook. She was shocked to see a handsome man holding her hand and holding her tightly in his arms. Chang-wook asked her to give that USB drive and informed her that it was him who sent the envelope.

She handed him the USB drive and when Chang-wook was about to leave the dark corner, both were surrounded by three mafia men. The mafia boss pointed a gun towards ?Chang-wook and revealed that he knew that there was someone between them who was a secret agent, but he didn?t know that it was Chang-wook.

Chang-wook bravely grabbed his gun and held him. Meanwhile, a hooligan was about to grab Cho-hee, but she brought him down with her immense fighting skills. Then another hooligan with a gun tried to grab her, she hit him too. In the clash, two shots were fired from the gun which hit the third hooligan grabbed by Chang-wook.

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7 first kisses episode 4 recap

Ji Chang Wook took Lee Cho Hee to a Safe Place

After this encounter, Chang-wook told Cho-hee that she was not safe here and he took her to a safe house. There, Cho-hee discovered that Chang-wook was hit by the second shot from the gun. She nursed him and treated him with care. After taking first aid from Cho-hee, Chang-wook started searching the USB drive on his laptop.

Cho-hee started admiring his charming masculine personality. Chang-wook caught her looking at him. He said that she was working with him as a secret agent but he fired her because he was afraid for her life in this dangerous work. ?He didn?t want her to be involved in his work. She was the only one he could trust that was why he sent the secret envelope to her.

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Ji Chang Wook’s Confession

After this, he was about to leave Cho-hee in the safe place, but she?stopped him and requested him to stay at the safe house as he was still bleeding. He described his feelings for her and that he wanted to protect her with his life. His biggest mistake was that he let her go.

Then the most beautiful moment of the episode arrived. Both of them, hand-in-hand, observing each other?s lips and oh!?.and the world stopped again.

Again it was a dream for Cho-hee, she just cursed the godmother saying how could it be a reward for her, just dreaming about the kiss and the boyfriend. Then the name and photo of Chang-wook appeared on the third card.

Then her real?manager came towards Cho-hee and ordered her to help a VIP guest couple with their shopping. As usual, she couldn?t decline her boss? order. She went with the lady guest to help her in the shopping.

The episode 4 ended when some unknown person was trying to call Cho-hee, but she?forgot her phone on the front desk. ?The unknown person is none other than Kai, and he worried why she wasn?t answering his call.

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