7 First Kisses Episode 3: Lee Cho Hee’s First Kiss From Charming New Boss?

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7 first kisses episode 3

No one wants to leave the office if the boss will be like the dashing and charming Park Hae-jin. 7 First Kisses Episode 3 mesmerized the audience with the shining new manager of Lotte Duty Free. Hae-jin wants Cho-hee to be constantly on his side and wooed the audience with his charismatic personality.

Park Hae Jin Woos?Lee Cho Hee?s heart in 7 First Kisses Episode 3

The first impression of Hae-jin for the audience was a strict and disciplined boss. When Cho-hee was voting for Hae-jin as their new Lotte Duty Free manager, he appeared and rudely snatched her mobile phone. Hae-jin told her that the employees of Lotte Duty Free were not allowed to use mobile phones during office hours. He kept it with him and asked her to collect her mobile phone after working hours.

After duty, Cho-hee entered Hae-jin?s office and requested him to give her phone back. The new charming manager gave her phone back and asked her if she?s available to work with him overnight.

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Confused Cho-hee couldn?t ignore the request and agreed to work with him overnight. He told her to get something to eat first. While eating, Hae-jin grabbed his tablet and started working while eating. Cho-hee, who was longing for love, can?t get enough of watching her dashing manager.

After finishing dinner, the new manager told her that he will drop her off to her home and went to get ready. Meanwhile, Cho-hee cleaned the table after eating. Suddenly, she found a few pictures on the desk of her new manager.

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7 first kisses episode 3

Why Did Park Hae Jin Keep her Pictures?

Cho-hee was shocked after she found her picture with her new manager. The pictures of her hands, legs, her smile and face shocked her that she ran away. She started running from his office and Hae Jin quickly chased after her.

As she grabbed the lift, an unknown person harassed her and forcefully wanted her to pose for a few photos. Afraid, Cho-hee didn?t know what to do so she just closed her eyes. Suddenly, Hae-jin grabbed the loafer and rescued Cho-hee.

After the loafer got arrested, both characters were sitting outside the mall and Hae-jin asked her if she will be his girlfriend? They were about to kiss, when the magical moment ended. Cho-hee realized that it was once again a dream and 10 minutes were still left for her to work.

Like the previous dream, Hae-jin?s name and photo appeared on the second card out of the 7 provided by the godmother. Just then, her real new manager, a bald, old and ugly guy approached her and ad she is back to reality.

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