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7 First Kisses Episode 2 Recap: Lee Cho Hee Almost Gets Her ?First Kiss?

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7 first kisses episode 2

Adorable, magical and mesmerizing are the words to describe 7 First Kisses. 7 First Kisses Episode 2 has just been released and it looks like Lee Joon-gi is about to give Lee Cho Hee her first kiss.

The 7 First Kisses Episode 1?s magic left fans excited and wanting more from the Korean webseries. The impressive star cast and beautiful plot captured viewers through its second episode. The second episode is full of romance and drama for Cho-hee and for the viewers. Let?s discover the entire episode here.

Lee Cho Hee Got her First Kiss in 7 First Kisses

Choi Ji-woo?s blessings came true for Cho-hee as she found a charming boy approaching towards her. The handsome boy is none other than famous Korean model and number 1 most wanted entrepreneur. Her co-workers and the rest of the people at the mall watched Cho-hee as the famous personality asked her to come with him.

After work, Cho-hee was wandering outside the mall but didn?t find Joon-gi. After a little walk, Joon-gi suddenly appeared and requested her to sit in his car. She hesitated and declined to go with him, but somehow the handsome dude convinced her to come.

Joon-gi took her to the countryside in a beautiful and romantic villa. She followed him unwillingly. Inside his home, she had a glimpse of some of his success stories including Number 1 entrepreneur of the year.

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7 first kisses

Lee Joon Gi Celebrates Lee Cho Hee?s 25th Birthday with a kiss

Joon-gi called her for dinner. At the dinner table, she quietly observed his charismatic personality and adored him. After dinner, he took Cho-hee at the poolside where a couch was set in a very romantic atmosphere.

At the poolside, Joon-gi started to display pictures of little Cho-hee. She wondered how was he able to find her childhood pictures? To which the famous model confessed that they both were neighbors and he was admiring her since his childhood. Then he offered flowers to her and thanked her for celebrating her 25th birthday with him.

Cho-hee was deeply touched with this gestured as he confessed that in his heart, there?s no one except her. Cho-hee couldn?t believe that was this really happening to her. Then, Joon-gi is just about to kiss her and the entire world was stopped for Cho-hee.

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The Magical kiss ended with a shock

As both were about to kiss each other, Cho-hee discovered that it was her dream. It was a magical dream and just couldn?t overcome the mesmerizing feeling of her dream. ?Then she noticed that the time stopped for her and she saw that the first magical card embedded with Joon-gi?s picture and name.

Meanwhile, her co-workers asked her to vote for their new manager by giving a mobile in her hand. While she was voting for her new manager, the new manager suddenly appears. The new manager of the mall is none other than famous actor Park Hae-jin.

The episode ended as Park Hae-jin snatched the mobile phone from Cho-hee and she was afraid if he would fire her.

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