7 First Kisses Drama Sparks Popularity Match to Prove Who’s the Biggest Korean Male Star

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7 First Kisses

The highly anticipated web drama 7 First Kisses that stars most of today?s hottest Hallyu stars unleashed its first full-length video teaser.

The question is: Will it be Lee Joon-gi, Ji Chang-wook, Lee Jong-suk, Park Hae-jin, EXO?s Kai, Taecyeon, or Lee Min-ho? Who will the lucky girl choose for her first kiss?

7 First Kisses: The Trailer

Last Monday, a 71-second video clip went viral after Lotte Duty Free unveiled it to keep the fans thirsty for the upcoming Korean match-making drama.

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In the trailer, the lucky girl is shown with a tired face after a usual long day at work at Lotte Duty Free. Her story revolves in her no-boyfriend-since birth situation. She will eventually ask herself the golden query for all the single ladies: When will I finally get a boyfriend?

7 First Kisses

Hallyu actress Ji Woo, the Goddess of Multiple Fates, sensing the troubled feelings of the female protagonist, later tells her that she will ?meet a guy in 10 seconds.? After that, the teaser unveils the K-pop heartthrobs such as Joon Gi (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo), who plays the character of a church oppa. He will also be known as Mr. Perfect.

Looking sharp in a suit, Joon Gi sports his luxury ride and asks our lucky girl for a dinner date.

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7 First Kisses: The Lucky Girl

The lucky girl is none other than Min Soo-jin, played by an equally adored actress Lee Cho-hee (Lucky Romance). Meanwhile, the character of the other six guys include:

  1. Hae Jin (Cheese in the Trap) ? The romantic boss
  2. Chang Wook (The K2) ? Sexy secret agent
  3. Kai ? The student
  4. Jong Suk ? The beloved actor
  5. Taecyeon ? Sweet rich guy
  6. Lee Min Ho ? On-the-go traveler

Originally titled as First Kiss for the Seventh Time, the film is expected to hit the TV screens, come mid-December.

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